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C,1 Pag 20- Where's The A Value

28 May 2013 - 02:13 PM

if (((val > 2) && (val < 7)){
puts("Count has gone up");
/* Otherwise check if the card was 10, J, Q, or K */
else if (val==10)
puts("Count has gone down");

The last condition test doesn't consider the card A , I think it would be:

if(val==10 || val==11)
puts("Count has gone down")


Problem Using Values() Hash Method

21 May 2013 - 08:14 PM

I have opened a new windows just to see if was capable of write the following piece of code in a different way just for fun(and knowledge):

for key in scores.keys(): //Is the "key" a reserved word?
print(scores[key] + ' had a score of ' + str(key))

Using the values() method wich is just brought up, because it says

There are no extra points for
guessing what the “values()" method does.

but don't actually show how i can do it, i really don't know how to implement it, i've tried this:

scores= {}
scores[2.0] = 'Gabriel'
scores[5.0] = 'Daniel'
scores[4.0] = 'John'

for key in scores.values():
print(here i might write something that represents the value part + ' had a score of '+ and here the key associated with the value)

Long story short, i want to use the values() method instead of keys().
Could someone help me?

NOTE:Sorry about my english, I'm still working on it.

Please Why?

26 April 2013 - 03:39 PM


Doubt On Page 68

02 April 2013 - 04:28 PM

On the Sharpen your pencil drill at page 68, why not subtract 9 by 16/8 Would it be wrong?
I reduced the fraction 9/1 and 16/8 to a common denominator and subtract them, but i've get 56/8 and I think i did something wrong, right? Or it's just not possible?
I'm the #1 fan of HF Series, actually i'm basing all my knowledge about my career in the future by this serie.
PS.:Sorry about my english, i know it's terrible.