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10 August 2012 - 06:23 AM

HI Beth or any other helpful soul,

I typically work on both the server side and the browser/phone client side of AJAX requests etc. So typically I write PHP code on the server to handle a XMLHttpRequest . The request can send variables in the POST or GET. The server can then extract this in for from the super globals and then echo back the response in json or xml. When parameters are included in the url how does the server side app handle that?

For example how does the server side get it's hands on the call back function's name? How does it then call that function? Is the only way of passing info to that callback via the response? How does one pack up the response? What is the url that the server script actually resides at? Perhaps the browser parses the url before packs it up? You would have told us that though, wouldn't you? What is actually going on?

Come to think of it I don't realy understand how this works in a XMLHttpRequest. How does the browser or ios know the the response has been rec'd? Does the browser keep track of the call back function's name? or the annomous function's position?

Can you point me to a reference source for this info? What is your favorite client language? Learning Ruby is next on my to do list but should it be?

PS I enjoyed the HTML5 book. Sorry it ended.