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Samsung S3 Sudden Fault - Please Help Me Save Data!

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Posted 27 May 2014 - 04:59 AM

Hi I hope someone can help on here...I have a Samsung Galaxy S3 and naively I have been allowing all my data to save to the phone since I have had it some 18 months (it was my first smart phone so I am a bit of a novice). I had been experiencing the occasional sudden death syndrome where the phone turned itself off and wouldn't turn back on unless I removed and replaced the battery, but this was so occasional I thought nothing of it. But a few days ago the phone suddenly started looping turning itself off, then back on by itself, but before completing start up doing it all over again. I tried searching online for fixes but all involved things like reset factory settings, which involve the phone staying on long enough to be able to navigate to the settings...the phone lasts about 10/15 seconds before dying again. I contacted my service provider who sold me the phone on contract, and was informed it is under warranty so I arranged to take it in for repair, but was not prepared to be told that the phone would be wiped of ALL data due to data protection, including photos. Now I have been using the phone as my sole camera since acquiring it some 18 months ago, which coincided with a move to a new area, so my whole photo memories of my move to date is on there! I am not prepared to loose all this without a fight! The phonebook contacts were not saved to sim, but these I can replace slowly over time..the photos I can't! Please can any Android experts out there help? I'm desperate!
I did originally hand the phone in for repair but rushed back to get it before the end of the day, tried plugging it into my pc, but it won't let me download anything..the usual message I get on my pc saying media connected what do you wish to do, does not come up.
This is exactly what is happening to the phone at present:
Phone turns on, samsung galaxy logo comes up
The network logo comes up then it sits with just samsung logo and blue light on
Screensaver comes on then it displays message "currently unable to download. Please try again later" followed by "Power Saving Mode Enabled"..
The phone then dies within about 5 seconds and all the above happens again.

I have tried transferring the contacts to the sim but again it dies before it can even finish loading.

I have seen I could get an SD micro card, but if i can't format it in time before it turns off, or in time to move the photos how will this work?

Please O'Reilly fans, can you help? I am an ex O'Reilly UK employee so I know if anyone can help, O'Reilly can!!

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