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Wireless Sensors With Mobile App

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Posted 26 March 2014 - 12:24 AM

Wireless Sensors are a modern day necessity. Almost all objects we use today are fitted with sensors that detect motion. Right from household equipment, they are used for lights, toll plazas and parking lots. Everywhere we are surrounded by wireless sensors. So why not link it to another electronic device that we carry with us all the time – Smart phones. Smart Phones have become a part and parcel of our lives and installing a simple application that syncs with all these sensors can make life a lot easier for us. We can use the app to remotely monitor the object that is fitted with the sensor. Simple activities such as controlling exterior house security to parking lot check outs, all can be controlled by the Mobile app.

Wireless sensors help out people in jobs such as providing security to house and keeping a tab of movements inside the house. Turning on and off these sensors are a problem as one can’t be physically present at all times. Thus the best alternative is to use an application thorough the smart phone which can help in controlling all kinds of sensors, and interact with others. While checking out of parking lots, one can make the payment much earlier through the application and won’t have to waste time at the counter. Also, in-house security can be activated or deactivated using the application. People having two houses can always keep a tab on what’s going on the other house suing wireless sensors that can be controlled by applications installed in mobile phones.
What are the advantages of using such an application:
• Real Time Warning: Users can rely on the use of this application, as the notification reaches them in real time. Having such a handy application always helps people to take appropriate steps incase they are alerted by the application. Be it in house security alarm or a fire alarm, all warning notifications can be sent through the app, and it happens instantaneously.

• Remote Access: Since wireless sensors can be placed in various positions, controlling them manually becomes a problem. Thus the best way to control them is trough remote access with the help of the app. Cameras can be turned on, or pressure sensors can be deactivated with the help of a button. Security personnel in government and financial institutions can also use the app for coordinating security measures among them. These apps can guide which sensors are on and which are not.

• Time saving: Sensors need constant monitoring and doing so manually would surely take up a lot of time than to sit in the office or at a coffee table and keeping a tab on everything.

Safety and security is one the most important aspects of modern day lifestyle, and having a reliable mobile application that lets one control all wireless sensors surrounding him or her always makes lives easier and enjoyable. Esatech Systems, a software company based in Kolkata, India is providing leading-edge solutions for companies in Mobile Apps development.
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