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Gravity, Electromagnetism/light, And Inertia In Dreams

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#1 Unite physics

Unite physics

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Posted 02 October 2010 - 12:30 PM

Balanced and fundamental inetia and gravity/accel. are equivalent manifestations of the same thing. This fixes/determines BOTH distance in space AND position relative to distance in space. This requires balanced attraction and repulsion as binding energy.

Gravity is key to distance in space. You will never understand the union of inertia, gravity/accel., and electromagnetism until you understand this. You must balance/equate gravity, inertia, and electromagnetism/light in conjunction with balanced and fundamental scale/distance and attraction/repulsion. Dreams accomplish all of this.

The middle distance of gravity allows for an averaging/reduction of gravity while also allowing for an increase (on balance) of inertia. This is how to fundamentally balance and unite scale/distance in space, attraction/repulsion, and inertia/gravity/electromagnetism. Growth and the union of it all from the center. Thought and feeling are BOTH proportionately reduced in dreams TO/AT the center of the body. Thoughts and emotions are differentiated FEELINGS.

The baby grows at/near the center of the body.

Also see: http://radicalacadem...efphilfmd13.htm

#2 Unite physics

Unite physics

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Posted 27 October 2010 - 11:50 AM

Heather (and other readers):

Physics also relates to (and involves) dreams, memory, genius, imagination, and even art and music.

As the great physicist J.C. Maxwell said: "The only laws of matter are those that our minds must fabricate, and the only laws of mind are fabricated for it by matter."

We (and thought) are fundamentally interactive with sensory experience, energy, and feeling.

Here is a fundamental revolution in physics that is in the making. Heather, I welcome and appreciate your feedback and participation therein.

Also, how do you see your ideas as fitting into all of this?

I am examining and outlining how to fundamentally balance and unite scale/distance in space, attraction/repulsion, and inertia/gravity/electromagnetism.

I have successfully outlined the theoretical requirements of quantum gravity and of space manifesting as inertial/gravitational/electromagnetic binding energy in conjunction therewith.

Please try to understand what I have written. I have unified and balanced electromagnetism, gravity, inertia, and quantum gravity. This is most serious and fundamental/important to physics, and it is most worthy of further examination and scrutiny.

The union/balancing of gravity and inertia generally balances attraction/repulsion and fundamentally fixes/balances distance in/of space (or scale) [again, in a fundamental fashion] in conjunction with involving/providing quantum gravity as well. Gravity and inertia are key to distance in/of space. Think balanced and fundamentally equivalent attraction and repulsion as providing alternative manifestations (of binding energy) of what is essentially the same (basically constant energy).

Gravitational and electromagnetic equilibrium features centrally.

Accordingly, gravitational attraction/contraction may be balanced with/offset by electromagnetic expansion/repulsion -- and space is quantum gravitational and flattened/contracted AND expanded/stretched thereby in a balanced/proportionate fashion. Larger and smaller space combined and included.

Inertial/gravitational/electromagnetic binding energy that is essentially repulsive and/or attractive -- but in a generally balanced/equivalent way.

Dreams make thought more like gravity and electromagnetism/light.

I have shown a clear and undeniable match between the theoretical/predictive union of gravity, inertia, electromagnetism, and quantum gravity AND actual dream experience.

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